Save $$$...Get What You Need

Weavers Total Media Group consists of a network of independent consultants and small businesses which can often do a much better job than traditional agencies, and can typically do it for about 30% less.

As important as the cost savings is a certain comfort in knowing your project will not be shoehorned into a predetermined box in order to suit the particular skill sets of full time staff. Bluntly put, we can afford to offer suggestions and alternatives because we are not tied to a fixed payroll.

As our client, you will work with a single member of the network to define your project's scope, costs and timeline. This person acts as your project manager and draws upon the folks within the network who can best develop the technologies needed to meet your goals.

In the end, you will have worked with one point of contact and will receive one bill. It's like hiring a whole bunch of part time staff without all the hassle.

Once you've tried our network we think you'll never go back.